"Style is the dress of thought." —Samuel Wesley


Giraffex offers a full range of Design and Creative Services.

Visual communications are more than the mere words and graphics that comprise them. Creative graphic design, an intelligent concept, and yes, style—are all crucial elements that help deliver an effective message. We believe successful design solutions begin with solid innovative ideas—behind the style.

For any project requiring the communication of ideas—in print or online—Giraffex can help craft a vision that achieves your goals. Whether the task involves creating your strategic branding, developing your web presence, helping to package and launch your new product, or promoting your new idea or upcoming event, Giraffex can deliver a creative communications solution that will help your project succeed.

Our design team has a broad range of expertise gained by years of experience producing projects for companies and organizations of all size. Please visit Our Work pages for samples of our portfolio to gain a perspective of the range of projects we have created for our clients, and contact us for a cost estimate for your next project.

Discover how Giraffex can help you bring your creative mission to life—intelligently, and with style.

Only when the design fails does it draw attention to itself; when it succeeds, it's invisible.

—John D. Berry