At Giraffex, we believe the best design solutions are those that effectively communicate a client’s values and intentions in order to achieve intended goals. Sometimes our role involves helping to deliver a basic solution; other times it is helping to produce a body of work that defines or enhances their identity. In short, we are poised to both help our clients do what they do, and define who they are.

These four keywords best describe our methodology:


The creative process is that which can transform the ordinary into extraordinary, empower a simple idea into one that is profound, and move minds toward new attitudes. Creativity is our mission.


The design concept is the backbone of any successful communications project. Using techniques to explore and thoroughly analyze project objectives, we formulate strategies that help our clients achieve their goals. Concept development is our task.


Passion is a necessary ingredient for achieving excellence. It is an element of the creative process that propels the result above-and-beyond the norm, turning mere competence into excellence. Passion is our method.


We gauge the success of our work through the success it brings our clients. Through relationships based on trust, dependability and understanding, we work together to provide innovative solutions  that bring benefit to our clients. (Your) Reliance is our goal.

Only when the design fails does it draw attention to itself; when it succeeds, it's invisible.

—John D. Berry